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Giving authors the knowledge they need to become published

About Us

Bookhitch Academy, a creative collaboration by the founders of and, offers author workshops and insider tips from industry experts on publishing, editing, marketing and more to give them the tools they need to get their manuscripts out of the drawer or off the computer and onto a bookshelf.

The changing world of book publishing is confusing to most and mysterious to many, yet countless people dream of seeing their book in print. We are here to help.

People ask: Where do I start? Do I need an agent? How do I find a publisher? How much money can I make?

Bookhitch Academy helps people who want to start on the path to publishing address these and other questions.

Upcoming Event: Quit Dreaming: Get Your Book Published! Workshop

Bookhitch Academy's upcoming workshop helps you transition from "I wanna be an author" to "I AM an AUTHOR" by providing the step-by-step knowledge you need to publish your book, whether it's still just an idea, in rough draft or ready for prime-time.

Our first-hand, in-the-trenches tips, ideas, guidance, checklist and more demystify that age-old question, How Do I Get My Book Published?

Hear directly from experienced writers, publishers, marketers and industry insiders on these topics:

  • Publishing's changing landscape - We outline all your options whether self-publishing, traditional publishing or something in between. Guess What: "Vanity Press" is no longer a bad word. We'll explain which option keeps the most money in your pocket.

  • Why get published? - In this first of two breakout sessions, we hear from you. Why do you want to write and get published? What 's your timeframe for publishing? Who's interested in your subject matter? How did you arrive at your topic?

  • What is a book & how many should I print? - Maneuver the business side of publishing your book by understanding registration, ISBN, what your publisher expects, understanding your printer's needs and answering the all-important question How Many Books Should I Print?

  • Creating a marketing plan - Your book is published; now you have to sell it. Yes, you; not just your publisher. What strategies are available including the brave new world of social media.

  • Getting their attention - The anatomy of a cover letter, press release, pitch letter; what's a cover design got to do with it?

  • Work on your plan - In this second of two breakout sessions, you'll work in groups to share initial marketing ideas based on your topic/subject matter; helpful websites you've found, blogs worth reading, writers worth following on Twitter and Facebook; and publishing successes and challenges you've experienced.

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